Vampires, Vikings & Ancient Rituals… Oh My!




Samaria – In the Beginning.

A short story series (Books 1-4)

Genre: Multicultural Paranormal Romance


A ruthless Viking with a thirst for blood. A naïve but powerful African princess destined for immortality.

When Samaria is chosen to be the top female warrior of her tribe, the perceived snub sparks bitterness in her older sister Nzinga. That bitterness fuels a vengeful crusade to undermine Samaria’s efforts and destroy her chances of success in her new role. Nzinga’s anger proves to be a breeding ground for dark ancestral forces. With their help, life in Africa takes an explosive turn.
Alaric, a ruthless Viking, wanders the continent in search of peace after his recent transformation into a blood sucking creature, but his quest is futile. The African continent is rife with hatred and despair… or so he thinks.
Samaria’s power isn’t great enough to shield her from jealous rages and sadistic plots to destroy her people, but it is enough to provide a glimmer of hope in the darkness that rages throughout the land. When she and Alaric meet, they’re instantly drawn to each other. The ancestral spirits have conspired to change the history of their people, and it will all begin with Samaria and her Viking lover.


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You’re Not Really Living


Whatever happened to the pursuit of dreams and passions? In a world where many are forced to forgo personal desires, we find ourselves tied to everything except for that thing we really want to do. In the quest to make menial salaries to maintain lifestyles we never truly wanted, we slowly lose ourselves.

Life. Happiness. Fulfillment.

What are the things you’d do, if given the opportunity? Or the series of events you’d like to someday accomplish? If money was not an option or family obligations were somehow worked out, would you readily pursue the opportunities you’ve always dreamt about?

Seriously . . . Our hands aren’t tied. We allow circumstances to cripple us. We wear excuses like banners, in order to make ourselves believe the lies. We’re comforted by dreams of what if and continuous visions of true happiness, yet settle into mediocre lives only to complain.

Sometimes, debilitating events converge to help guide us back into focus of our true paths. The threat of being on the “right path” can cause us to digress and run back to those places or actions or people or circumstances which appear to be normal. Don’t let them fool you into believing those things represent your path.

Don’t get trapped in a life you weren’t meant to live. Make the decision to break away from the crippling habits you’ve fallen into over the years. Start believing in yourself again. Don’t just dream, live out your dreams. Don’t just hope or plan, do! Stop saying if or what if, instead, follow your path to a life you’ve chosen. Travel. Write that book. Design. Start that business. Create that product. Roll up your sleeves and get busy.


New Release: Jezebel Jones 2


~She thought she was destined to a life devoid of love.~

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Books 1 & 2 are currently available. Book 3 will be coming shortly.

Jezebel Jones is like so many other women – she’s been disappointed in love. She’s built up a thick wall around her heart that few, in any, can penetrate. She eventually meets Aidan Broder, and is faced with the real possibility that he might be sincere.

The title of this series came to me early on. I initially wanted to “study” the Jezebel character type and explore her vulnerable side. What I found was a timid young woman who might’ve been misunderstood by many. She’s been hurt in the past, but hasn’t allowed the world to see the scars. I wanted to break down the barriers and make her completely vulnerable, by way of love. What’s interesting in this story – love, the very thing that’s broken her resolve in the past, will be the key factor to restore her faith. First and foremost, however, she’s need to make a change from within.

Brief sample:

“I want this every moment, of every second, of every day,” he stated.
“Every?” Jez replied into a breathy kiss. She was forced to grip tighter onto him to keep from melting.
“E-ve-ry.” He kissed her lips again before pulling away. Aidan gazed into her eyes, while they stood underneath a fading moon. Jezebel Jones was like many women. She had been disappointed in life and had once believed settling might’ve been the answer. She, like others, still needed to learn her worth. Sure enough, no man could make anyone worthy. But make no mistake, fear and uncertainty was no longer ingrained. Every moment, second, and day, she continued to open up more and more to the sensual Aidan Broder



Joy of Toys

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Author Brenda Stokes Lee

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Things had taken a serious nose dive in the bedroom of Theo and Sanjai Nevels. The young married couple recently started a new business. Incredibly busy they were burning the candle at both ends and the middle. Their daily routine only included work and sleep. It went on this way for months. Understandably, their sex life was null and void. They used to be insatiable. Now, they’d become nothing but roommates. Naturally, their bedroom problems had begun to infiltrate their marriage. The couple was irritated and cranky, uncharacteristically snapping at each other. Their business was thriving, but they were in trouble. Sanjai decided enough was enough. It was time to take matters in her hand. She had to do something, anything to turn up the heat and bring the passion back into their marriage. Purchasing a few sex toys…

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Mount Up Ladies! These Cowboys are ready to ride!

Author Brenda Stokes Lee

Mount Up Ladies! These cowboys are ready to ride!

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✮ (¸.•´✶Southern Hospitality is LIVE!

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Kamari Kinkade is a good looking, young, charismatic cowboy who has the world by the balls. Single, he wears his womanizing sexcapades as a badge of honor. Women old and young toss their panties at his feet. He can bed any woman in Texas, except the woman he truly loves.

Tyler Kinkade in a word is damaged. Perhaps, the more accurate term is broken. He lost his pregnant wife and unborn child to van auto accident and never recovered from the senseless loss. Heart broken he vowed to never love again. Seeking female companionship for sex only, he turned to prostitutes for comfort. Just when he was convinced love would never live in his heart again a…

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