Over 80,000 words of drama…



It’s 6:30 on a Sunday morning and I’m still in bed. I’ve been home, sick from work since Thursday. Between the weather and office germs, I’m forced to recoup at home. Nevertheless, I’m still weary to the core, but unable to sleep.

If you’ve ever gone to my Facebook or Twitter accounts, you might’ve seen my motto: I don’t do drama, I only write it. Even now, as I’m writing this post, my head is swarming from the latest drama I’ve dished out. Over 80,000 words of passion, falling in love, emotional turmoil, undeniable angst and yes, drama.

I began Fire in the Water 🔥 over a year ago. The name has changed several times over and the plot has been stripped apart, only to be reinvented in ways that have blown my mind. The length of the work was initially 48,000 words and with each re-reading, has only continued to grow to over 84,000. If you’re anything like me, and you live for the written word, then you’ll understand when I confess that every new story pushes me further.

“Further into what?” you might ask.

I delve further into the human psyche to examine those key attributes that make or break them. One such thing is love – the need to love and be loved. Honestly, the word scares me enough, yet is intriguing enough to make me pursue it like nothing else.

I will leave it there, for now.


Fire in the Water 🔥 will be releasing soon. Once the release date has been determined, I will share. Until that time, here’s a snippet…

Certain moments will forever be frozen in time–the universe shifting to accommodate the earth, the sum of all fears, the pulsating heartbeats of star-crossed lovers, the moment you question the purpose of living and the instant you no longer deny the truth.
This is mine–painful, satisfying and messed up.
“Go to hell!” I shouted up into the pouring rain as it plopped down into my eyes and my nose, suffocating me as it rushed into my mouth
I was wearing super short khakis and an aqua tank plastered to firm, palm-sized breasts and shapely thighs. My feet were bare, and my toes swarmed with sand from the bottom of the ocean. Each second found me sinking into the gooey glob. It was a heavy type of comfort, overtaken by heaviness from up top to down below, squeezing off my air.
Precisely the point, right?
Everything, every minute figment, crowded my very existence. Drops of rain crushed me. The roar of waves ripped apart my eardrums. The on and off flash of lightning crept near enough to make me fear death. For a split second, I worried about dying, but then I realized this time, fear was meant to be my finale.

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Signs you might need to rethink your career



Once upon a time, I had a fulfilling job with a company I loved working for and coworkers I considered family. My life changed close to four years ago. After pretty much everyone in my department was let go due to an affiliation related downsizing, I didn’t work for nearly eighteen months. Now mind you, I had been employed with that company for about twelve years. When I finally got back into the workforce, over the course of just over two years, I’ve worked at four different companies.

Make no mistake, I’ve invested much time and money into obtaining an Associate degree in Industrial Engineering Technology, 2 Bachelor degrees in Marketing Management and English and a Masters of Management. I’ve further amassed a wealth of knowledge and experience to reinforce my degrees. As of lately however, I’m learning that absolutely none of that matters. My past aspirations no longer speak to the person I’ve become. In a world where hardwork and degrees don’t always carry weight, I find myself wanting to run for the hills – quite literally!

Can you relate?

Honestly, I’m in the process of researching remote countries with minimal connections to the “modern” world. Soul-searching and evaluations have become my new best friends.

Are you feeling me?

Here are a few signs you might need to rethink your career (in no particular order):

• Your blood pressure increases by 10 to 20 points just from being at work.

• You take long walks during breaks, in order to cry and calm yourself down.

• On the days you’re unable to walk due to rain or snow, you sit in the car and cry.

• Though you’re typically upbeat, the mere thought of work leads you to become depressed or angry.

• You can imagine throat-punching the powers that be whenever they make an attempt to cheer you on, especially when they don’t know the pain of performing the job.

• Multiple coworkers have been seen crying in their office or cubicles.

• You literally run out of the office at the end of each day, and particularly on a Friday.


Please feel free to add to my list in the comment section…